GroAction Urban Farming Online Course

Curtis Stone wants to teach you how he makes $60,000/year in sales growing food on 3/4 of an acre.


Mission: To create a movement of urban farmers to build communities, resilient local food systems, and income to support their families.

Your Guides: Curtis Stone, owner and operator or Green City Acres, a 3/4 acre pedal-powered urban farm in Kelowna, BC ($60,000 sales in his second season) and Luke Miller Callahan, founder of GroAction, a hub for social entrepreneurs

Curtis Stone on his bike One of the Green City Acres urban plots


The details of the course:

**This course is laid out for you to go through all the steps of creating a successful urban farm even if you’ve never grown a vegetable before.**


  1. Tasks – Each week we will give you tasks to complete for your urban farm.
  2. Video Lesson - After you recieve the task, you'll be sent a video where Curtis and Luke will go over Luke's progress for that task to give you tips and clues of what you may run into and how to get through it
  3. Submit your progress - After you have completed your task you will submit your progress to be reviewed by Curtis, Luke, and your peers. With the submissions, Curtis and Luke will review a sample of them in the weekly video lesson, talking about the good points and what can be improved.

Topics Covered: Market research, site selection, site negotiation, crop selection, bed layout, tools, planting, weeding, watering timers, harvesting, market prep & storage, restaurant, CSA, and much more!




Listen to Curtis explain why he wants to help you create a profitable urban farm by clicking play below:  

Fellow course member and co-host of the Video Lesson, Luke Callahan, explains why he is compelled to be an urban farmer. Click play below:



Check out this clip of Curtis analyzing a potential plot for Luke’s farm: