About GroAction

We believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in creating the world we want tomorrow, today.

The way we challenge the status quo is by empowering people to follow their passions while solving problems, making a profit, and building community.

We just happen to sell excellent sustainable business guides.



Self sufficient, sustainable, communities.



Empower community members to produce sustainable goods and services demanded in the community through enterprise.


  • Disseminate knowledge of succesful, sustainable, enterprises through courses, interviews, and articles.
  • Build incubators that breed entrepreneurs of sustainable businesses.


How we define ‘Sustainability’

Ecologically sound, economically practical, and socially equitable.




Services we provide

The GroAction Network of Social Entrepreneurs –  A free resource where members can confidentially list what they need to get their business thriving and connect with people who can help them. If you are interested in helping other social entrepreneurs succeed you can apply by clicking here.


Business courses – We team up with the leaders of local, sustainable businesses to help you build a similar model in your city. The guides provide detailed step-by-step action items to build your own business. To view the guides we offer, click here.


Interview Sponsorships – The perfect way to promote your brand or event to our  tribe of passionate entrepreneurs who are proactive about making a better world. For more information about how to sponsor an interview, click here


Investor Connections – If you are an entrepreneur who is raising capital for your enterprise, let us do the hard work of finding you a pitch session. We have a network of over 600 social investors categorized by sector, location, stage, and size. To have us land you a pitch session with an investor, start by clicking here.





GroAction’s Core Team

Luke Miller Callahan
Luke has a passion for understanding the systems of the world. Naturally, this has evolved into a fascination into the natural word. Because, we as humans, are disrupting the planet’s natural systems, action is needed. Luke founded GroAction with the mission of working within the current constraints of our capitalist system to build regenerative systems (enterprises) that are good for humans and good for nature. Luke is currently building Nightlight Farms as a template sustainable business that provides the community of Portland, Oregon with locally grown vegetables.

Irena Efremovska

European Network Manager

Hyper-energetic, reliable and optimistic person, very passionate about lifelong learning, discovery and action in fields of innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability.
 Irena was born in Macedonia, where she graduated from Faculty of Economics, as a BSc in eBusiness, 2010.
During the studies, Irena engaged in an organisation that promotes youth-work and empowerment through media, and worked on a number of projects from UK to Israel. She also is the founder of Ibrand.mk, a social enterprise, that promotes personal branding and entrepreneurship.
Irena also holds a Masters in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability from Blekinge Institute of Technology.
Her interests include entrepreneurship, social dynamics, behavioral change, gamification, and remote wilderness.

Ryder Ross 


Ryder graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. He has been working developing web applications for the past five years and have been programming for the past 10 years. Ryder loves developing web apps for businesses and start up companies! His most recent web apps include an online ordering system for a restaurant delivery company and a real estate listing management system.



Ori Mayer

International Development 

Ori Mayer is from Fort Lauderdale, FL (USA). He is a graduate student perusing both an International MBA degree and an International M.A degree in Environmental Studies. He has experience in multiple fields of financial services and is currently putting his skills to use for social entrepreneurship.

His dream is to do as much good as possible to make a positive influence on the world for years to come. Mr. Mayer is also a private pilot and holds professional certifications in 11 different fields. One of his lifelong goals is to aspire to become a polymath. In he own words “A strong moral character is the key to all past and future success, and it would be great if we could leave the world in a better condition than we were born into”.







Sabrina Souss

South American Regional Development 

Sabrina Souss is from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is an Economist, and currently an International MBA Candidate. She has broad experience in financial modeling and investment consulting including impact analysis of business regulation policies.

Her goal is to implement her proficiency in political consultancy, in order to be involved in the design and implementation on sustainable development policies in the developing world. She is strongly enthusiastic about the possibility of achieving a tangible impact by improving the standard of living of people. She holds an award from the Argentinean Central Bank by for her research on alternative monetary policy methods.



Joshua Godfrey

India Regional Development

Joshua Victor is from Chennai, India. He holds M.S in Agriculture from Indira Gandhi Agricultural University and is currently pursuing a second masters in Environmental Studies. He has ample of program management experience in microfinance, livelihood and social protection themes. He developed a Supervision and Monitoring Tool for State AIDS Control Program as a Specialist – Strategic Planning.  He was a Project Officer (livelihood & microfinance) for DEC-Tsunami Rehabilitation Program – HelpAge India, and worked as a Development Associate in a rain-fed farming development program.

Joshua extensively worked in organizing community – women, farmers, anglers, older persons – into Self Help Groups to deliver microfinance and livelihoods programs and minimize the poverty. He practiced participatory planning, budgeting and program implementation through participatory approaches – PRA, HEA & LEAP. Joshua has published two handbooks for the Older Persons Federation and Community Based Care for Elders Care.



Alex Pomerantz

Educational Development 

Alejandro Pomerantz is from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is a Biologist currently perusing an International M.A degree in Environmental Studies. He has comprehensive experience in leading educational innovation through technology; including media and software design, production, policy development and analysis, technology administration, research and evaluation.

His vision is to develop successful educational tools for the spreading of environmental friendly farming and agricultural knowledge, in order to work towards the empowerment of people in need worldwide. Alejandro also believes in creating added value opportunities gained through networking and exchanging the best practices in the many applications that educational technology has: such as schools, colleges, universities, and other institutions.



Scalet Pesch is from Kiel, Germany. She graduated with a degree in Food Science with a minor in sustainable food production, and also holds a Master of Science in Food and Resource Economics. Some of her specializations include management of Fair Trade Networks and Organic supply chains. During her studies at the University in Bonn she worked at the Institute for Organic Agriculture and was responsible for leading student research groups.

Furthermore, she is pursuing her second Masters degree in Environmental Studies, which she hopes to combine her experience in multidisciplinary fields to handle social challenges.

As a yoga teacher she has deep sense for equality and peace.



If you are interested in joining the GroAction team, send an email to Luke here.