Creating a Worldwide Co-working Movement – Interview with JellyWeek organizer Anni Roolf

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Leader in Sustainable Development: Anni Roolf

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What is the hardest thing about being self-employed? Working alone of course! Co-working is becoming an ever popular method for entrepreneurs to work independently under the same roof. Anni Roolf has organized the Global Jelly Week to encourage co-working among entrepreneurs.

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About JellyWeek

Monday —- 16/01/12 —- is the day of #NorthAmerica.
Tuesday —- 17/01/12 —- is the day of #SouthAmerica.
Wednesday —- 18/01/12 —- is the day of #Africa.
Thursday —- 19/01/12 —- is the day of #Europe.
Friday —- 20/01/12 —- is the day of #Asia.
Saturday —- 21/01/12 —- is the day of #Australia.
Sunday —- 22/01/12 —- is the day of #OneWorld.


JellyWeek is about exposing people to the idea of co-working. Established co-working spaces create a “Jelly” by opening their doors to the public (and new entrepreneurs) to experience what it is like to work with others under one roof. Needless to say their is plenty of pants-wetting excitement that takes place after being exposed to this working style that is sweeping the globe.




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