Peter Block on Community Development

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Leader in Sustainable Development: Peter Block

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Building community is one of the best assets that anyone can have. Renowned author, public speaker, and consultant, Peter Block sits down with Luke to discuss his latest book, The Abundant Community (co-authored w/ John McKnight). The two get into a variety of topics under the umbrella of community building and the transition society is making towards a sharing economy.

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The Abundant Community by Peter Block & John Mcknight

Abundant Community on Facebook



About Peter Block

Peter Block is an author, consultant and citizen of Cincinnati, Ohio. His work is about empowerment, stewardship, chosen accountability, and the reconciliation of community.

Peter is the author of several best selling books. The most widely known being Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used (1st edition 1980, 2nd edition 1999); Stewardship: Choosing Service Over Self-Interest (1993) and The Empowered Manager: Positive Political Skills at Work (1987). Peter is the recipient of the Organization Development Network’s 2008 Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2004 he received their first place Members’ Choice Award, which recognized Flawless Consulting as the most influential book for OD practitioners over the past 40 years

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