Measuring the Impact of Social Entrepreneurs with Debra Dunn of GIIRS

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Leader in Sustainable Development: Debra Dunn

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Join us as we get into the work that Debra Dunn and the rest of her team at GIIRS are doing to measure the impact that social entrepreneurs are making throughout the world.

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Debra Dunn – Director, Skoll Foundation; former SVP Corporate Affairs and Global Citizenship Hewlett Packard


About GIIRS – Global Impact Investing Rating System

The impact investing industry is facilitating investments that are not only socially responsible, but which also actively create positive social and environmental impact. In order to scale the impact investing marketplace, investors require an independent third-party impact ratings product that is comparable, transparent, and easy to use. Learn more about impact investing.

GIIRS, a project of the independent non-profit B Lab, assesses the social and environmental impact (but not the financial performance) of companies and funds using a ratings approach analogous to Morningstar investment rankings or S&P credit risk ratings. GIIRS includes the following features:

  • Verified Company Ratings and Fund Ratings;
  • Ratings for developed and emerging markets globally;
  • Aggregate ratings, as well as ratings within numerous impact areas and industry sectors;
  • Social and environmental performance metrics and key performance indicators specific to different industries, impact areas, and investor preferences; and
  • Benchmarking and analytics for longitudinal comparability.

What is a GIIRS Rating?

GIIRS will provide both company and fund impact ratings, each with current and historical analyses of impact performance for comparative use.

  • Company Impact Ratings — a rating of the social and environmental impact of an individual company, including an overall rating, ratings in 15 sub-categories, and key performance indicators (KPI’s) relevant to the company’s industry, geography, size, and social mission.
  • Fund Impact Ratings — a rating of a fund’s impact based on the aggregated and weighted impact ratings of its underlying portfolio companies, including the aggregated Company sub-category ratings and relevant KPI’s for the fund, and an assessment of fund manager practices.

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