Vocal Communication – What the Sound of Your Voice Tells Other People with Dr. Carol Fleming

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Leader in Personal Development: Carol Fleming

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Your voice tells everyone around you about who you are on the inside. Dr. Carol Fleming joins me to talk about the importance of developing a strong voice that communicates your inner character to others around you.

 Interview Notes

  • why it is so important to develop a strong voice
  • how you talk tells the listener so much about you, so much more than you are aware
  • gender, age, health, intro vs. extrovert, friendly – hot vs. cold,
  • the sounds of your voice are made by the inside of you body
  • the voice tells the listener how your built on the inside. essentially your congruence
  • as we get older we get more skilled at analyzing people talk.
  • slow down your speech
  • The book – It’s the way you say it: Becoming Articulate, Well Spoken, and Clear
  • the best thing someone can do to improve is to listen to themselves on a recording.
  • better yet is to record your voice in a group of others
  • @14.35 how to add value to yourself as a prospective employee
  • social skills are the biggest skill that anyone can add to themselves
  • check out speechtraining.com
  • itsthewayyousayit.com
  • building your voice is very much in line with self development
  • people come to carol to develop their voice, to be perceived as being more intelligent, more mature, smarter, and more powerful.
  • also, they want to be cool calm, and make sure they are never flummoxed in a speaking situation
  • length of the exercises… depends on how dedicated they are to improving
  • deliberate practice- mindful, thinking about what i am doing. constantly asking yourself what can I do better?
  • @25:35 Mmu Bth Question: “How effective is the focus on vocal communication, knowing that only around 7% of the total communication is verbal?”
  • @29:00- Mmu Bth Question – If she could change one thing in the education approach to make students and young people more prepared for mastery of communication skills what would it be?
  • people don’t know how to organize information in their head with the listener in mind
  • the listener comes first in the mind of a good communicator
  • Barbara Minto – required at the McKinsey Global Institute
  • @33:15 how to record yourself and get started to improve your voice
  • the importance of recording yourself in a group of same sex people
  • @39:10 – what qualities should you try and foster within your voice
  • people like a rich voice, a resonant voice, and a voice with tonal support
  • a good exercise is to listen to speakers of how they are saying it.
  • again, the group recording is very important


Resources Mentioned

It’s The Way You Say It: Becoming Articulate, Well-Spoken, and Clear

The Sound of Your Voice


About Carol Fleming & The Sound of Your Voice

The Sound of Your Voice, founded by Dr. Carol Fleming, is a San Francisco consultancy specializing in vocal development and communication training. Dr. Fleming helps clients recognize their speaking abilities, improve their weak spots, and achieve mastery of communication skills. The Sound of Your Voice is the ultimate destination for:

  • Voice Improvement Become Verbally Competent, Fluent and Gracious
  • Communication Skills Development Develop a Commanding Presence
  • Improve Public Speaking Speak with Confidence and Gain Credibility
  • Develop your Social Skills in the Workplace Secrets for Getting Promoted


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