Building Community and Resilience through Animal Gifting – Interview with Pierre Ferrari, CEO of Heifer International

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Leader in Sustainable Development: Pierre Ferrari

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Pierre Ferrari, CEO of Heifer International talks with me about the work they are doing with communities to end hunger and poverty and to care for the Earth.

Interview Notes

  • Pierre Ferrari post interview notes
  • started with dan west, farmer out of indiana
  • @4.20 – Shavahn Loux – What animal do you feel has the greatest value for the gifting cost?
  • @5.40-45 -really bad joke…
  • @7.00 – Victoria Straw Gillis- what programs are available to get elementary school children involved in the missio
  • @8.25- Lisa Queen Bee – Is there any one accomplishment that has meant a lot to you?
  • “We mobilize large quantities of people to help themselves”
  • @12.10 – What are your tactics to bring the communities/people together?
  • @14.05 – How do you find the communities that you are involved in?
  • @14.40 – Pass on the gift – #1 of 12 cornerstones
  • @15.50 – Sustainable Agriculture
  • @17.40 – What’s are the sticking points when teaching people to “close the loops” in their practices?
  • @20.35 – Any times when corporations own land keeping small landowners out?
  • @21.45 -Which countries have been most affected by the corporate land grabs?
  • The need for transparency
  • “The whole system is so rotten… and it’s all at expense of the poorest of the poorest”
  • @25.50 -Growing is linked directly to more donors
  • @26.20 – Where are the other needs in these communities?
  • Water needs and infrastructure to get their food to market.
  • @28.00 – Is loss of topsoil a problem in the communities before you get involved?
  • @28.45 – The water situations (wells, rivers, etc.)
  • “There is water, it just needs to be managed”
  • One of the measures of soil is the capacity to hold water
  • @31.45- What’s the biggest barrier for growth other than more donors?
  • @34.40 – As a result of your work, are these communities able to devote less of their population to growing food?
  • @36.00 – Do you know of any data that shows population percentage of farmers by country?
  • @37.15 – Primarily annuals for food or perennials?
  • @37.50 – Regarding building the infrastructure for getting food to market, is there room for other people to come help?
  • @38.55 – How long are you typically involved in a community?
  • 3-5 years
  • @39.50 – All english or local languages? local!

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About Pierre Ferrari

Pierre Ferrari, CEO of Heifer International, was born in Africa in 1950 in what was then the Belgian Congo (today the Democratic Republic of the Congo and from 1971 to 1997 called Zaire), has more than 40 years of business experience, ranging from large consumer package goods organizations such as Coca-Cola USA to work with socially-oriented organizations like CARE and the Small Enterprise Assistance Fund. He succeeds interim CEO Charles Stewart and Heifer’s longtime President and former CEO Jo Luck.



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