The Current Reality of Organic Meat Production with Rod Morrison, Owner of Rocky Mountain Organic Meats

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Leader in Sustainable Development: Rod Morrison

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Join us as we take a look into the current reality of Organic Meat Production with Rod Morrison, Owner of Rocky Mountain Organic Meats. Rod talks about why we need to move towards organic food production and stop giving money to the industrial meat producing companies. There is a ton of pertinent information for anybody looking to learn more about the organic meat producing industry.


  • The current  reality of  organic meat production,
  • Rod’s taste challenge of his meat vs industrial
  • Current state of OTA –Organic Trade Association
  • The difficulties in  transitioning to Organic Meat Production from the current standard of Industrial Meat Production
  • The day to day operations of  Organic Ranches
  • The hardest part about complying with organic standard. Supplying the feed!
  • The financials of Organic Meat Production
  • What needs to change to spur the market for organic meats
  • 4 corporations control 90 percent of all meat protein chicken pork beef consumed in the world: JBS, Cargill, Tyson, National
  • Koch Brothers, funding the Tea Party. Koch Industries make meat processing equipment.
  • Factory meat farming is a heavily drug dependent industry.
  • The life of beef cattle in the industrial system: From birth to slaughter
  • The cattle producers are price takers not price makers. Bottom of the food chain in terms of money from the big companies.
  • We have created the most efficient food system in the world. Not sustainable.
  • Cattle  = Pasture lobsters (Meat is going to get very expensive)
  • Farmland 2 years ago 1,000 bucks could have bought you an acre most places on the planets. Now that same piece of land is 11-18,000 dollars. This means huge land grabs taking place
  • Capitalism = land, labor, and capital
  • Human labor is undervalued right now.
  • The average age of an American farmer is 58 years old.
  • How to handle the winters
  • Dry Matter Intake to comply with the Organic Standard. – gets cattle out of the feed lot and into the pasture
  • What to change about the organic standards – Get rid of the confinement allotments for cattle
  • Our current perception of whats ok in terms of confining our livestock
  • Can Organics Feed the World?
  • 10 calories of hydrocarbon energy to produce 1 calorie of food
  • What is our Earth’s carrying capacity?
  • The need to value things that are good for our environment. And taxing things that are bad for it.



**Key Takeaway: Vote with your dollar!**




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About Rod Morrison

Rod Morrison is the owner and founder of Rocky Mountain Organic Meats located in Wyoming, USA. Rod has served on the Organic Trade Association (OTA) and is a food activist to educate people on the benefits of organic meat production.

Rocky Mountain Organic Meats is a producer-owned Organic Meat company that currently has 175,000 acres of land in use. Rocky Mountain Organic Meats offers the finest Certified Organic grass-fed beef and grass-fed lamb in the country. All  meats are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished and come from the best cattle and sheep country the Rocky Mountains have to offer. The livestock is raised the old-fashioned way; no steroids or growth hormones, no antibiotics and no grain. The only additives are clean water, lush grasses and fresh air resulting in lean and delicious organic grass-fed beef and lamb. Rocky Mountain Organic Meats offers USDA certified organic beef raised and processed according to stringent USDA regulations.


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