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Leader in Sustainable Development: Sundeep Ahuja

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In this interview with Sundeep Ahuja, Founder of we talk about his mission to stop climate change by impacting consumer spending. is a green product curation site that finds the best products and, after negotiating a great deal, emails their customers with information about the product and links to buy. By changing the products people buy, Blissmo is directly impacting climate change by rewarding companies whose products are good for the environment and their consumers.


Interview Notes

  • Curating products that are better for, better for your family, and better for your planet.
  • Consumers are overwhelmed! Curate products better for you, better for your family, and better for the world.
  • 1 in 10 products get to be showcased
  • Products are high quality, well loved, high design, low to no toxins, sustainability credentials
  • Response from consumers- people like it because of the curation aspect.
  • They don’t test. Rely on other organizations to come and test. Cradle to cradle, USDA, etc.
  • Motto: “buy good, feel great”
  • Why One Deal at a Time? – Because so many large issues come down to consumer voting with your dollar, remember yesterday with Rod Morrison, climate change, environmental degradataion, etc.
  • How do we shift demand for good products? Look at what methods are working. One deal at a time like Groupon
  • Lots of people want to do good, to vote with their dollar, but it’s hard when others are cheaper and there is so much
  • Partenered with Care2, and The Nature Conservancy
  • The stuff we buy everyday has consequences, which is why voting with your dollar is so important
  • Method Soap as an example – became a leader in the industry sustainability wise
  • Blissmo is empowering the consumers,
  • 3 or 4 trillion spent by consumers every year. Each one of those are votes that can effect change
  • The biggest challenge for them, like any startup, is just getting off the ground
  • They didn’t bring investors in early so they could establish the business and clearly define the mission.
  • Any single label coming through like a Cradle to Cradle Certification? Not really, too many definitions of sustainability to make it feasible. (Luke: Probably in the future)
  • Blissmo is transparent through all their actions and research on a company.
  • Over the next couple years, some certifications will certainly rise to the top
  • Direct competitors to Blissmo – in deal space, yes but none other are looking to change climate change by shaping consumer patterns
  • How is Blissmo evolving? … stay tuned. Great stuff coming shortly!


Resources Mentioned



The Nature Conservancy

Method Soap

About Sundeep Ahuja

Sundeep was the original marketing director at, a product manager at MySpace and Ebay, and now has founded finds high quality, well-loved products & services that are either certified as organic or eco-friendly, or that have a people & planet positive approach in the DNA of the business. They then negotiate compelling discounts and offer these products & services to you via email.

They are curating world-class products for people because they know that every dollar spent is a vote cast for a better world.



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