Making Companies Sustainable: Lessons Learned from the Founder of the Natural Step, Karl-Henrik Robert

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Leader in Sustainable Development: Karl-Henrik Robert

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The man who started the Masters Program that I am currently enrolled in, Dr. Karl henrik Robert, a former cancer scientist,  and now one of the most prominent faces in the sustainability movement. Karl-Henrik talks with me about the story behind The Natural Step and what his experience has been like consulting different companies to implement sustainability.


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About Karl-Henrik Robert & The Natural Step


Former cancer researcher and recently inducted as an Ashoka Global, Karl-Henrik Robert saw the need for a systems view of the world and the role that humans play. As founder of the Natural Step, Karl-Henrik is responsible for developing a framework for social and ecological sustainability that is transforming the way companies do business.

Now known globally as a leader in strategic sustainable development, Karl-Henrik is decentralizing The Natural Step into a chaordic learning organization in order to widen their audience and deepen their impacts.

Their focus is to enable effective: (1) incubation of new communities of practice in regions across the globe, (2) knowledge management between practitioners, and (3) outreach and communication. One step in this process is to ‘crowd-source’ from the scientific community and public and private institutions who use the framework to showcase the strategic solutions they have created and share their successes and lessons learned. To enable this process, The Natural Step is looking for new funding solutions to establish the necessary processes, capacity and key infrastructure to package 20 years of testing and development into an accessible, interactive form. As The Natural Step expands their reach around the world, they will foster a larger community of businesses and individuals committed to becoming role models for a sustainable society.





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