Urban Ag Controversy- Cease and Desist Order on Compassion Farms -Interview with Owner, Dirk Becker

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Leader in Sustainable Development: Dirk Becker

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Dirk Becker, owner of Compassion Farm, is currently in a battle to legalize urban agriculture within Lantzville, British Columbia. The dispute started when his next-door neighbor called for a cease and desist order of Dirk’s operation over a pile of soil in the front yard.

Dirk is on the front lines of urban agriculture and needs your help to spread his story far and wide!
The whole world must understand the ridiculousness of not being allowed to have an urban agriculture operation that provides healthy, organic, local produce to his fellow community members.


-The Cease and Desist Order on Compassion Farms

-The story behind his battle to get urban agriculture legalized in Lantzville, BC.


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About Dirk Becker

Charismatic, funny and well–informed, Dirk Becker is a Sustainability Guru. His timely message reaches thousands of people through newspaper and magazine articles, at public education forums, across the internet and over the airwaves. With life partner Nicole Shaw, he co–hosts the radio program, “Heart and Mind: Tools for Change,” on CHLY 101.7 FM, Vancouver Island. Nicole and Dirk are also the Publisher and Assistant Editor respectively, of “Synergy,” their bi–monthly community–driven magazine dedicated to personal growth through the body, mind and spirit. See www.synergymag.ca

Besides talking the talk, Dirk walks the walk as a dedicated organic farmer. On his own 2.5 acres in Lantzville, B.C., he’s turned what was little more than dust and gravel into lush, productive farmland using simple, successful, bio–intensive methods. He offers hands–on demonstrations and runs a variety of practical workshops at the farm.



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