London’s Potential for Urban Agriculture – Interview with Mikey Tomkins

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Leader in Sustainable Development: Mikey Tomkins


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In this interview we discuss the potential for Urban Agriculture in London. Specifically:

-Edible Maps – Showcasing the unused spaces in London that can be used for Urban Agriculture

-Urban Apiaries


Resources Mentioned

Sustain: The alliance for better food and farming

Capital Growth (




About Mikey Tomkins

Mikey’s interest in urban agriculture was formed after completing an MSc in Architecture at the University of East London. His thesis, which can be read at, explored the potential for urban agriculture in London and became the basis for his current PhD. The PhD explores the way in which food growing might function in cities as co-authorship, combining top down design and dwellers’ everyday use of space. The research work tries to reach beyond the academic, exploring participation and joint learning. For example the Edible Map project (funded by SPACE gallery east London 2010) is a walking talking tour of a 25 hectare urban neighbourhood with an Edible Map as a guide ( The map helps residents to imagine what a city full of productive landscapes might look like. Mikey is also an urban beekeeper in London, as well as working for Capital Growth as its Capital Bee officer, in charge of creating 50 community apiaries in London (




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