The Ultimate Green Building Standard: The Living Building Challenge – Interview with ILBI Vice President Eden Brukman

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Leader in Sustainable Development: Living Building Institute Vice President Eden Brukman

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In this interview we discuss the Living Building Institute. Specifically:

-The Living Building Challenge

-The banned materials from the Living Building Challenge: The Red List

-Living Building Institute’s decision to join forces with The Natural Step

-ILBI Ambassador Network

-What’s on the Horizon for the Living Building Institute

-Much more!



Resources Mentioned
Living Future 11

About Eden Brukman

Eden Brukman is the Vice President of the International Living Building Institute and the Research Director for the Cascadia Region Green Building Council. An architect and sustainable building advisor, she has focused her professional career on incorporating socially and environmentally responsible strategies into design and construction. For the last thirteen years her work has included research and implementation of sustainable policies, particularly related to building certification and the specification of appropriate building materials. Eden received a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the University of California, Berkeley, and a Master’s degree in Illustration from the Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland. Eden continues to be inspired by the practitioners in ILBI’s international community and is looking forward to connecting with all enthusiasts of Living Building Challenge.




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