The Burning Season & Borneo 3D: Interview with Director Cathy Henkel

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In this interview we discuss Cathy’s two documentaries: Award-winning “The Burning Season” and her current project “Project Borneo 3D: An Action Movie.”


-The Burning Season

-Project Borneo 3D

-The mass deforestation in Indonesia

-The problem with Palm Oil

-Much more!

Resources Mentioned

Project Borneo 3D official website

Submit an application to be a star in Project Borneo 3D! Click Here (18-35 year olds)

The Burning Season official website


About Cathy Henkel

Cathy has worked as a writer, producer, and director, of documentaries since 1988. Her latest film, The Burning Season profiled the mass deforestation taking place in Indonesia to make space for global demand of palm oil plantations. This project has inspired  her current project, Project Borneo 3D. To learn more about Project Boreo 3D click here.


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