Crop Saving Hero: Interview with Cary Fowler

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In this interview we discuss the fantastic work that Cary Fowler and the rest of the team at the Global Crop Diversity Trust are doing to save agriculture. Not enough people know about the dire food situation we are facing with a warmer climate in the coming years, and more importantly, even less know about the work Cary et al are doing to save it. To donate to the Global Crop Diversity Trust. Click here



-Svalbard Seed Vault

-The need to save crop diversity

-Ethiopa’s donation to the Crop Trust (the only cash donation Ethiopa has ever given to anyone).

-The future of farming

-The reality that our current crops won’t yield enough in a warming climate

-CropTrust’s work to breed crops that will yield enough to feed the world in a warmer climate

Resources Mentioned

The Global Crop Diversity Trust

Cary’s Brilliant TED Talk: One Seed at a Time, Protecting the Future of Food

About Cary Fowler

Cary Fowler is the Executive Director of the Global Crop Diversity Trust. Before joining the Trust Dr. Cary Fowler was Professor and Director of Research in the Department for International Environment & Development Studies at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. He was also a Senior Advisor to the Director General of Bioversity International. In this latter role, he represented the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) in negotiations on the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture.




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