Urban Farming and the Future of Food Production: Interview with Curtis Stone

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Urban Agriculture is one of the only sectors that will see growth in the upcoming years. Because rising oil prices are making Industrial large scale agricultural methods too expensive, there will be a move towards organic urban farming practices in your yards.

This is an integral part of the future of our food.

Curtis Stone is an Urban Farmer, more specifically he is the owner of Green City Acres, a Sustainable Commercial Urban Farm, in Kelowna British Columbia.  He farms ¾ of an acre as a full time job and is showing others that eating locally, organically, and fossil-fuel free is not only fun, but an integral part of our future.

In this interview we discuss:

-Green City Acres

-Sustainable Commercial Urban Farming

-The future of urban food production

-A thorough look through his farming setup

-The future of urban farming

-Much More

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About Curtis Stone

Urban Farmer / Food activist

Photo Credit: Andrew Barton

A musician turned urban farmer, Curtis Stone is the owner/operator of Green City Acres, a pedal powered multi locational urban farm. Before launching his urban farm in the spring of 2010, he had no previous experience farming, let alone gardening, but had spent two years prior independently studying and immersing himself in organic growing methods and food politics. After a very successful first season of farming, he has shown that growing food is something that with a little hard work, anybody can do, and can also be a great source of income. In September 2010, he was awarded the ‘Gardener of the Year’ from the city of Kelowna’s Communities in Bloom. Between operating the farm and being involved in various community projects, Curtis spends much of his off season speaking at conferences on food issues and urban agriculture, as well as teaching intensive SPIN farming workshops abroad.






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