Brilliant Documentary – Enemies of the People: Interview with Rob Lemkin

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What is the story behind the documentary, Enemies of the People? That’s what I set out to learn in this interview with Rob Lemkin who co-directed the film with Cambodian Journalist Thet Sambhat.

In, Enemies of the People, they explore the mindset of those in power in the Khmer Rouge during the Pol-Pot Regime.

Never before has anyone gotten as close to Brother Number Two, Nuon Chea, as Thet Sambhat did for this film. The relationship between the two of them was the key to this film’s startling insight into the mind of a man who was largely responsible for the mass genocide of millions of Cambodians.

Join us now as we explore how Rob and Sambhat were able produce such a powerful film of this magnitude.


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About Rob Lemkin

Rob Lemkin, award winning filmmaker, is the founder of Old Street Films.

His past documentaries have been focused in SE Asia, and his latest film, Enemies of the People, is congruent  with those.

Lemkin co-directed with Thet Sambath after they realized they combine efforts to make powerful film that neither of them could make alone.

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